Netflix has been on a roll this year giving us future seasons of some fan favorite shows and introducing some brilliant new movies and series. So if you’re on edge thinking about what’s coming to Netflix in September 2022, then you’ve got us covered. From movies to shows, this list will walk you through all the titles arriving in September on Netflix. So grab your calendars and mark the dates!

Here’s a list of what’s coming to Netflix in September 2022

September 1st

Love in the cottage

A romantic drama surrounding two strangers who end up living together when they discover the Italian villa they booked individually has been booked twice.

From Hook

A French drama about two girls who go on a social network and the Internet.

September 2

Troubadour Festival

A Turkish film about an unexpected reunion between a traveling musician and his son that opens up old wounds as we see the two embark on a long journey to attend the troubadour festival.

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Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives Season 2

A new drama from Dharmatic Entertainment house, as Bollywood Wives is slated to arrive with another season.

Buy my House

An all-new reality show featuring homeowners from across America selling their properties on the spot to one of four real estate moguls – Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman, Corcoran Group CEO Pamela Liebman, NFL Linebacker Brandon Copeland and investment property magnate Danisha Wrighster.

Dated and the like

Another reality show is coming to Netflix where we see 16 single contestants who are all sibling pairs coming into a villa to date!

Devil in Ohio

Pretty much like FX The patient which is also scheduled to arrive soon, this thriller series is about a psychiatrist who takes in a new patient from a cult and puts her family and life at risk.


A drama about two teenage best friends who accidentally build and end up losing one of the largest fake ID empires in North America.

Ivy + Beans

A classic children’s story made into a movie, this movie is about magic, friendship and childhood.

You are nothing special

Another magical drama, about a girl named Amaia, whose life takes an interesting turn when a rumor spreads that she has inherited her grandmother’s magical talent.

September 6


Narrated through hilarious dioramas, we see a couple’s life unfold.

Untold: The Race of the Century

The story of the emotional 1983 Copa America loss.

The bee and the dog cat

An animated series about an unemployed woman named Bee who lives a normal life until her companion PuppyCat arrives.

September 7

Indian Predator: Diary of a Serial Killer

The second season of Indian Predator is about the vicious cannibal who mutilated the bodies of 14 bodies.

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September 8

Anthrax attack

A documentary film about the fatal anthrax spores that caused panic in the days after 9/11.

September 9


A visually arresting romantic drama between a talented deep sea diver and an apnea instructor.

The end of the road

A crime thriller starring Queen Latifah about a widowed mother who struggles to protect her family during a harrowing road trip.


A Korean crime drama based on true events about how an ordinary entrepreneur joins the government’s secret service to capture a South Korean drug lord in South America.

Cobra Kai Season 5

With another season, we see the aftermath of the All Valley Karate Tournament from last season.

September 13

Jo Koy: Live from the Los Angeles Forum

A stand-up special with Jo Koy.

September 14

Heart Broken High

A very similar reboot series rebel, we take a look at Hartley High after more than 20 years.

The disappearance of Lorenskog

A limited series based on true events, this show covers the series of events when a billionaire’s wife disappears and the police are left with only misleading information and harassing media.

September 16

Take revenge

Starring Maya Hawke, Camila Mendes and other familiar faces, this revenge tale comes with a girl power twist.


A Diljit Dosanjh, soulful entertainer about friendship, hope, courage and everything in between.

Fate The Winx Saga Season 2

The fairies return to Alfea to witness some terrible changes in their next semester.

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He goes home

Directed by Hiroyasu Ishida, this upcoming anime film from Studio Colorido is about sixth graders Kosuke and Natsume and their fateful summer vacation.

September 20

Patton Oswalt: We all scream

Patton Oswalt’s stand up special.

September 21

Iron Chief in Mexico

A new cooking show featuring challengers to compete against Mexico’s best chefs.

Fortune Teller: A TV Scam

The story of the controversial slimming cream salesmen who turned con artists Wanna Marchi and Stefania Nobile from celebrities to inmates.

Designing Miami

A lifestyle that South Florida home design.

September 23


A mystery drama about how the lives of three siblings are thrown into chaos after the tragic death of their youngest brother.


A thriller where a girl is kidnapped and her mother teams up with her reclusive neighbor to find her, encountering many dark secrets in the process.

Girls on the back

The story of five women in their thirties taking their annual road trip together after discovering one of them has cancer.

September 28


Starring Ana De Armas, the life of Marilyn Monroe is explored in this upcoming film.

September 30


A modern attitude The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


From the minds of Kid Cudi and Kenya Barris comes a story of two young artists navigating the twists and turns of finding love in New York City.

What movie or show are you most excited to see on Netflix in September? Let us know in the comments section below.

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