We as a society can agree that we have come a long way with memes since the dawn of social media. So why are people going crazy over the new ‘Little Lady’ trend?

The meme is of non-descript characters, based on the children’s book ‘Mr.Men’ which was later adapted by BBC TV as a series. Now, as people speculate why it is making a comeback, it looks like ‘Mr.Men’ is back to reclaim a space in the emerging digital age. We often see this happen in the meme economy, as nostalgia is a huge catalyst for long-term and short-term trends in social media. Many people remember these characters from their youth, so when you see one of them again years later, you’re more likely to share it with your friends of a similar age and share a laugh or memory.

It’s becoming more and more likely that companies that know about this powerful tool of nostalgia and memes for their brand + characters will start using it in their digital monetization strategies, as we saw the digital collectibles market take off a couple of years ago.

Nick Naoufal, CEO of Upturn Agency helped to follow this trail of monetizing a meme for business purposes. The sixteen-year-old entrepreneur owns a marketing and public relations company that connects digital product creators with their audiences using celebrities and social media. Upturn Agency provides exposure to internet assets such as memes, creative concepts and monetized communities. The Canadian-based company has drawn attention to several digital assets including notable names such as Logan Paul, Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Hart and many others.

Weimer: What trends are you noticing with the Little Miss meme characters floating around on social media? Is this a brilliant marketing strategy for something else or are we just going back to 2012 memes again?

Naoufal: The ‘Little Lady’ meme characters going around are another strategically planned and executed marketing strategy. When looking at their traditional marketing strategy, they have based characters off past celebrities to keep the book characters relevant. This helps sell their physical products year after year.

We may not be able to guarantee that the official company is adding the photos to various digital asset platforms. However, with over 900 memes in the most popular market, we believe it’s Mr.Men and Little Miss. They may be adding a new element by creating digital assets.

With every person who shares, likes, reposts, etc… on social media, it can increase the value of digital products on another platform. If you are in the business of creating digital products, you may want to check out this space.

Jackson Weimer: You own a successful full-service online marketing and PR agency, but you’re only 16 years old. Do you believe that your age allows you to understand what is going on between social media and other areas of the Internet?

Nick Naoufal: I believe my age allows me to understand what is going on in social media. Those my age recognize social media as a key tool for connecting and maintaining relationships, being creative, and learning more about the world.

Weimer: Can you see more companies turning still photos into digital products of various natures?

Naoufal: I could see 100% more companies turning still photos into digital products, as it has already been done and will continue to be done.

This conversation has been edited and scaled down for clarity.

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