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If you are not familiar with Netflix 365 days trilogy, well, think of them as the answer to the broadcast age Emmanuelle in space series, or one of those other soft erotic movies you’d sneak in late at night, remote control in hand in case you heard your parents approaching.

And by that we mean, these aren’t movies one is watching for the plot.

However, since 365 days premiering in 2020, these films have been extremely popular on the streaming platform and have garnered more than a few headlines for their wild and controversial sex scenes. At its best, the trilogy is emergent, the kind you can imagine a Midwestern mom looking at home alone and at night and saying “Oh my!” to no one in particular every few minutes. At worst, they are the problematic glorification of sexual violence and care. The films are called “Polish 50 shades of grey” for a reason.

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The story, for all it’s worth, concerns a working-class Polish woman named Laura (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) who is kidnapped by a member of a Sicilian mafia family (Michele Morrone) and then imprisoned for—you guessed it— 365 days, during which she is told she will fall in love with her attacker. Apparently she does? And later another guy named Nacho (Simone Susinna) gets involved, and it all becomes a dangerous psychosexual love triangle? Okay, of course!

Up to this point, we here at Querty haven’t given the trilogy a second thought, mainly because, despite all the trash/champions/horns delights. 365 days films can enter, they have also been overwhelmingly—and exclusively—heteronormative. That’s not to say there isn’t some kind of eye candy (hello, Michele Morrone!), but all of the sensual scenes on offer have been strictly husband and wife. Until now.

Believe it or not, trilogy-cap The next 365 days (which premiered earlier this month) finally gave us a brief moment of gayness… and it’s hot!

Now, as the final seconds of this clip make clear, it was all a dream. But what a dream it is! At some point in The next 365 daysLaura feels torn between her former kidnapper/crime boss and this dude Nacho, so she does what any respectable person would: Fantasize a threeway with them. They both pause to look deeply into her eyes, and then suddenly turn to each other and engage in a wet, passionate kiss.

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Given that these films have a purported straight-to-movie audience, we’re tickled that they’d even dare to throw in the odd catchphrase in the proceedings. We’re sure this moment garnered more than a few “Oh my’s” from the show’s devout and avid fans.

Much like her Querty staff, the clip has inspired Gay Twitter™ to sit up and take notice 365 days films for the first time, with some particularly dry reactions:

Meanwhile, others took the opportunity to mock Harry Styles’ recent comments about gay sex scenes. Okay, so two guys are doing it, but…

And then, of course, there’s the natural reaction; the impulse to immediately watch these movies:

But here’s the thing – if we haven’t already made it clear – these movies are hot garbage. Recently, The The next 365 days it’s been called “cruel”, “the worst Netflix movie” and strictly for masochists – but “not the sexy kind”. There’s simply no reason to waste your time on these movies, especially with the clip of their only gay scene right there on Twitter!

And, we get it, these guys are hot—you want more. Well, then save yourself the hour of hate and just browse the actors’ Instagrams. There seems to be enough thirst-quenching material to last you at least The next 365 days.

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