If you like video games and cats, you’re probably in for a treat Lost. But what should you play next?

Lost came out this week, and this adventure, puzzle, and cat game has captured all of our kitty-loving hearts with almost universally positive reviews and reactions. Not too surprising, this is the internet after all. The game follows an orange cat who falls into a world of robots as he tries to return to his family. Along the way, players solve puzzles, pass obstacle courses, and go through a story. But maybe the best way to describe this is that it’s a game where you’re a cat. You cat across the cat city and do cat things to eventually meet your cat goal. Lost it’s quirky and fresh and a lot of fun and you’re going to love it. But when you’re done, you’ll need something else to play with.

Animal Crossing

You remember Animal Crossing? When we all hid indoors from a plague and put in at least a hundred hours in our virtual island towns and then virtually visited our friends’ towns where they also put in a hundred hours? Sometimes I still think, “Oh no, I wonder how my town is doing. I hope my best friend, Cobb, hasn’t abandoned me,” and then I continue to not play. If the reason you are Lost it’s the cold nature of playing a game as a cat, it might be time to bring it Animal Crossing back in your life.

Untitled Goose Game

This game had a moment and then faded from all our consciousnesses. But Untitled Goose Game is the perfect mix of animals, puzzle solving and total mayhem you could ask for Lost. Each game is relatively short, and when you’re done, you can start over to terrorize a slightly different town with slightly different puzzles to solve.

Funding – Disappearance is forever

A little darker than the rest of this list, In the end lets you play as the last mother fox on Earth. The world is harsh and unforgiving and your puppies need you to teach them and take care of them. This can also hit very close to home if the threat of climate-induced disaster has been making you nervous lately. But maybe cute fox cubs will help you navigate those feelings. Also, how Lostthis game is brand new and gets positive reviews.

North wind

If you are enjoying the hell Lostyou will be interested to hear this North wind it is remarkably similar in many respects. A game with no dialogue and little narrative, it follows you, a fox, who meets the guardian of the Northern Lights and goes on an adventure to discover more about the land you live on. It’s a wonderful game full of puzzles that allow you to discover more about an ancient lost civilization. But from the point of view of a red fox.

Night in the forest

Night in the forest it’s technically full of animal characters and feels very cool to play. But beneath the surface is a surprisingly connected yet dark game. Mae is a college dropout plagued by anxiety and nightmares who returns to her hometown of Possum Springs to sleep in her parents’ attic. She reunites with her old friends, resolves old interpersonal conflicts, and accidentally gets to the bottom of the dark secret the town has been holding for the past few years. The art style is simple but beautiful and the game itself is surprisingly short; I played the whole thing on a series of not terribly long plane rides. But once you’re done it’s good for a replay because the choice you make along the way changes things later.

Are you playing? Lost? Have you played any of these games? What is your favorite animal driven video game? Tell us in the comments!

Happy adventure!


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