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Fashion is not just the clothes we put on our bodies, it is an extension of our personality, who we are and perhaps where we come from. Whether it’s bold colors and patterns or muted tones with sleek designs, what we wear is much more than what meets the eye. For this Latino-owned fashion brands, each founder represents who they are and what they stand for in their unique clothing line. From graphic tees that say “Latina Power” to mixed metals strung together in a necklace that symbolizes dual ancestry, fashion is a place for voices to be heard — especially in the Latinx community.

With Hispanic Heritage Month starting in September, it’s a great time to highlight these Latinx-owned businesses so you can shop and support these brands now and always. But why stop only at fashion? Add a new favorite eyeshadow palette to your beauty bag from Latinx-owned beauty brands or indulge in some self-care products with these Latinx-owned wellness brands loaded with unique finds.

So the next time you want to treat yourself to a new top, bag, pair of earrings, or need a Latinx-owned gift, check out these fashion brands from Latinx founders who all have something incredible to offer .

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Tyler High Rise Vintage Straight – Mystic Canyon


Red Secret Garden organic cotton midi dress


Genevieve One Piece Swimwear


Tee Soft Pink Latina Power


This is for Our Family Tee


Chingona Turkish Unisex Tee


American Bonbon Cocktail Ring


Pima Tee Olive Box Cut


Black T-shirt allergic to Pendejadas


Agave Triangular Tote in Burgundy Red


Odonata Lizards Colorful Top


Cotton pants with Plitka belt


Nicole Floral Print Midi Dress

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