The Saltsburg Farmers Market has been in full swing since June, offering vendors, live music and food to members of the local community.

This is the second year of operation of the market. The idea of ​​creating a farmers market for the area was created by committee member Karen Cumberledge in 2021. She presented the idea to her fellow Saltsburg city council members, who agreed to help make the vision a reality.

“We started having meetings and focusing on what we wanted the event to offer,” said committee member Lorrie Johnson.

“We wanted to showcase only handmade and homemade products. We wanted to bring in farmers and food vendors.”

Since last year, the market has grown from 10 vendors per week to nearly 22. The event is held every other Thursday from 4 to 7 p.m., weather permitting.

“I’d say we’ve doubled in size since the first year,” Johnson said. “That’s why we try to stay on the phone contacting people and finding more vendors. There’s a lot more out there that I know we can find.”

Market Committee members include Cumberledge, Johnson, Michelle Jesko, John Lombardo and Krystin Kelly.

“Each member takes on a different role,” Johnson said. “Michelle does most of the promotion. Karen, John and I take care of many things in the day. We help wherever we are needed. Krystin is the secretary at the town hall, so she takes the calls and handles a lot of questions.”

In terms of entertainment, the market has a lot to offer. There are currently four regular farmers who bring vegetables and other goods to sell, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, pickles and herbs.

Mother Mary’s Meats and McChesney Farms carry meat products, such as beef, steak, pork, ham and sausage.

Another vendor, Cindy Purves, brings a variety of homemade jellies. Little Blessings Farm carries goat milk products such as soaps, hand creams and body lotions.

A farmer/vendor, Staymates, brings a machine that makes roasted peanuts and he sells them fresh throughout the event.

Toni’s Fry Shack and Comer’s Italian Ice are the two main food vendors available during the event. The committee is looking to attract at least one more regular food vendor.

According to Johnson, the committee is also looking for more vendors willing to bring baked goods.

“My favorite part of the Market is meeting the vendors,” Johnson said. “Not everyone is local. Some come from far away, like Vandergrift, Homer City, Latrobe, Apollo. They are just wonderful people, making a living doing what they love to do. They just want to be there! They keep coming back.”

In addition to access to many unique vendors, the Market features live music, played by friends Julie Dunmire and Joe D’Aquila.

“They’ve been around for a long time,” Johnson said. “Joe used to own the NAPA store in town and Julie has a thrift store outside of Saltsburg. They perform at Canal Days and the drive-in. Everyone knows them.”

Saltsburg Faith Alliance Church will host activities for children. They are planning to offer a “Kids’ Corner”, with lots of crafts and games. The church will set up a location along the canal with other vendors so parents and guardians can easily drop off their children in the Children’s Corner and enjoy some shopping.

“The most important thing is that it’s a community event,” Johnson said. “People are coming out of their homes and coming down to support our local vendors. It’s just a really nice community event.”

The Saltsburg Farmers Market will meet on August 18th, September 1st and then one final time on September 22nd.

Any vendor interested in participating in the Saltsburg Farmers Market must complete a registration form that can be obtained by mail or email. Food vendors pay $10 and craft vendors pay $5. The only requirement is that all products are homemade/handmade.

Contact (724) 639-9413 for more information or visit the Saltsburg Farmers Market Facebook page.

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