A strike by tugboat workers in Vancouver, British Columbia Famous cruises blocked Celebrity Eclipse overnight, after the ship was unable to leave the port of embarkation due to an immobile fuel barge. This has caused the cruise ship to be delayed from Vancouver and may affect the ship’s 7-day Alaska itinerary.

Fuel Barge Blocks Cruise Ship

While the Solstice-class cruise ship does not require towing assistance to depart from Vancouver, a fuel barge alongside the ship for normal fueling operations requires towing vessels to move safely.

Due to the tugboat workers’ strike, the barge did not move after the completion of fueling operations, and Celebrity Eclipse could not start as planned.

‚ÄúThere is a local tugboat strike at the Port of Vancouver. Without the support of tugboats, the ship cannot leave the port. Celebrity Cruises said on Twitter during the delay. “We are working diligently with all local authorities to resolve the situation so that the ship can resume its voyage.”

Cruise ship in Vancouver, Canada
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While some passengers on board were upset by a perceived lack of communication from the cruise line, Celebrity Cruises was responding to social media questions as much as possible.

The cruise ship was finally able to depart and depart Vancouver at approximately 1:00 PM on Monday afternoon, instead of the original departure time of 4:30 PM on Sunday, August 28.

The itinerary may be affected

Passengers on board Celebrity Eclipse reported generally good spirits despite the delay, as well as exceptional service from the crew. Celebrity Eclipse has a passenger capacity of 2,850 double occupancy passengers, with a crew of approximately 1,270 international crew members.

However, the ship’s route may be adjusted to account for the delay. It is possible that port hours may be shortened if necessary, or the days the ship is scheduled to visit particular port destinations may be changed to accommodate different travel times.

This 7-night round-trip itinerary has Celebrity Eclipse visiting the popular ports of Icy Strait Point, Juneau and Ketchikanplus spending time sailing to see the Hubbard Glacier.

The famous Eclipse cruise ship
The famous Eclipse cruise ship (Photo credit: Jeff Whyte/Shutterstock)

Some passengers were upset by the situation, as identical cruises had been canceled due to the pandemic shutdown and this cruise was a return to sea for many eager guests. It should be noted, however, that Celebrity Cruises is not involved in the labor dispute in any way; Celebrity Eclipse was only caught on strike.

The ship is scheduled to return to Vancouver on Sunday, September 4, and there are no anticipated arrival and disembarkation delays prior to her next voyage.

Impact Impact Port Operations

The union-led tugboat workers’ strike began on August 25, 2022 amid disputes over contract negotiations. This has caused workers to stop services, which then affects how ships can move around the port area and refuel as needed.

until Celebrity Eclipse it wasn’t the only cruise ship docked Canada Place Cruise Terminal in Vancouver on Sunday, August 28, was the only vessel affected by the strike.

Royal Caribbean International’s Serenade of the seas and Holland America Line’s New Amsterdam both departed on schedule and without incident.

Tugboat workers are not the only workforce that can potentially affect cruise operations in a home port. If other essential workers in a port strike, cruise operations may be slowed or halted. This applies to security personnel, boat pilot captains, dock workers and other critical positions.

The famous Eclipse cruise ship

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