• Expansion enables small businesses Wisconsin a new option for reliable and high-quality health insurance for employees

  • Sana’s unique model saves small businesses up to 20%

  • Sana’s customer satisfaction score is over 95% in an industry where 70% to 75% is considered normal

Sana, a healthcare company that provides health benefits to small businesses at affordable prices, today announced its expansion into Wisconsin.

Founded in 2017, Sana closed a 60 million dollars Series B funding round in June co-led by Trust Ventures and Gigafund.

Availability of Sana in Wisconsin means small businesses can now get health plans that are purpose-built to meet their specific needs. Sana’s plans will address a particular need for mental health care in Wisconsinwhich has low availability of mental health providers, according to the United Health Foundation’s 2021 report. Sana’s involvement $0 Virtual appointments with mental health providers in most plans will help Wisconsin residents facing such problems.

“Sana has already entered Indiana AND Virginia this year and plans to continue expanding in 2022,” said Sana’s co-founder and CEO Will Young. “We are on a mission to make quality health care understandable, accessible and affordable to as many Americans as possible. Wisconsin there are more than one million small business employees and we are excited to offer them a better alternative to the same restrictive networks and high ‘negotiated fees’ that have dominated the market for decades.

The big insurers, inherited in Wisconsin may serve as an adequate option for enterprises with thousands of employees, but they have failed to provide smaller businesses with the support that their modest or non-existent HR teams require. Additionally, those employers have not been given access to value-based health care models proven to make employees healthier at lower costs.

Only payroll surpasses health benefits as the largest category of company expenses, and small businesses pay anywhere from 8% to 18% more than a large company for an identical health insurance policy, according to a 2018 National Conference of State Legislatures report. Worse, 40% of small businesses reported that they would raise the prices of goods and services due to rising health care costs, according to a 2021 survey by Small Business for America’s Future.

For Sana, 35% of its new customers are small businesses that were previously unable to provide health care for employees, mainly due to high costs. Departure at Wisconsin adds more than one million employees who can benefit from Sana’s health plans.

“Hay has been incredible for our business,” he said Jason Martin, the owner of Roost Austin, a vacation rental company. “Everything from the value of the plans, to the ease of use, to the customer support has been amazing.”

Those looking for small business health insurance in Wisconsin can use Sana to save money and attract and retain top talent in a competitive labor market. Sana customers save up to 20% compared to legacy insurers, and most get flat-rate renewals.

Starting today, WisconsinHome based companies can offer their employees health benefits packages with comprehensive medical, dental, vision and more without network restrictions or hidden fees. Sana is known for affordable employer health plans, $0 Virtual doctor appointments, low co-pays and 95% customer service satisfaction. In addition to primary care, Sana gives employees access to virtual care with providers specializing in pediatrics, maternity and mental health.

About Sana’a

Sana offers small businesses reliable health plans at prices they can afford. Through value-based care, the Sana Care ecosystem of world-class providers, direct primary care and more, Sana is reducing the cost of high-quality care. Sana makes it easy for employers to administer benefits and offers members simplified health plans and top-notch customer service. For more information, visit www.sanabenefits.com.

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