It’s a pretty normal Tallahassee thing to do on a weekday – go to the mall, buy a pair of sneakers, then go home.

Homegrown Real Boston rapper Richey has probably gone through these motions a few times in his life.

But Monday was different. Now Richey is a young trap artist, and when he went to the mall to buy shoes, he brought his friend, Future.

Future was recently hailed as one of the best art and platinum rappers of all time. He has 21.2 million fans on Instagram and won a Grammy for Best Hip Hop Performance in 2019 for the song “King’s Dead.”

“It was crazy,” said Richey, who boasts 200,000 followers.

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Real Boston Richey sings and dances with friends and fans while filming a music video in Tallahassee, Fla.  on Monday, August 15, 2022.

Richey, who has shot to fame in 10 short months, returned to his hometown to shoot a music video. At the Holton Apartments on Tallahassee’s south side, after filming several scenes for his song “Bulls Eye,” he handed out food, $10,000 in shoes, clothes and a message.

“I love Tally,” he said. “We just have to come together and do better. We’re probably the best city in Florida, we just have to come together.”

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