Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has partnered with Magnus Digital Indonesia to develop WonderVerse Indonesia, a metaverse technology channel that allows the promotion of Indonesia’s tourism and creative economy interactively and digitally. With Metaverse, the ministry and Magnus Digital Indonesia hope to promote the beauty and uniqueness of Indonesia to the rest of the world.

The Ministry of Tourism aims to advance Indonesia’s tourism potential and creative economy by implementing the 3G strategy: Gercep (Move fast), Geber (Work together) and Gaspol (Work in all possible areas of business). These were initiated by Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy. The project will also enable companies that promote their products digitally on WonderVerse Indonesia.

WonderVerse Indonesia is divided into four parts called “land” which is a representation of Indonesia as an archipelago country and tThe various “lands” include:

1. Lobby

Visitors can interact with endemic animals, enjoy digital galleries by Indonesian artists, and a wide screen displaying a range of upcoming thrills

2. WonderFun Land

All traditional Indonesian digital games and entertainment, such as wayang performances, traditional dances, in one concert with live streaming.

3. Land of WonderGoods

Visitors can purchase a range of local goods and merchandise, marketed by tourism and creative economy traders.

4. WonderReal Land

Visitors can directly buy flight tickets, hotels and accommodation in the top 5 destinations they wanted for their vacation.

According to the Minister of Tourism, there is the possibility of adding more “lands” in the future to make this platform more interactive and interesting. With the presence of WonderVerse Indonesia, Indonesia’s tourism and creative economy hopes to bounce back. At the same time, the project also opens up many opportunities by creating new jobs in the tourism and creative economy sectors, especially in promoting products and participating in building the Indonesian economy. The collaboration between the tourism ministry and Magnus Digital Indonesia is the first step in supporting and advancing tourism for the country.

“We are currently in a period of transition where digitization becomes the driving force behind the transformation and new platforms that will promote the promotion of tourism. We are finding ways to accelerate the development of technology as the Metaverse is a place where we can perform activities interactively. This is considered a progress that was accelerated and can be experienced due to the pandemic,” added Uno.

WonderVerse Indonesia can be accessed anywhere through the desktop site and for future development. It can be extended to VR which has opened up more and more opportunities for the tourism industry and the creative economy to reach the new generation whenever and wherever they are. However, to be able to get the best user experience, there are minimum specifications that must be met or an internet connection with a minimum speed of 25 Mbps.

“As the digital world and technology are developing in Indonesia, we hope that WonderVerse Indonesia developed by Magnus Digital Indonesia can become a forum for the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to introduce the beauty of Indonesian culture to the world. Moreover, WonderVerse Indonesia can become an information tool and provide great benefits for Indonesia in terms of digital, travel and creative economy,” explained Hendra Liman, CEO of Magnus Digital Indonesia.

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