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What is it?

In 1988, the City Council established the Tourism Development Commission (TDC) to act as an advisory board to the City Council on matters relating to the expenditure of revenue from the Transient Accommodation Transaction Privilege Tax (bed tax). determined for the development of tourism.

City ordinance no. 3577 established TDC policies and procedures requiring the commission to review the city’s long-term plans for the tourism industry, as proposed by staff, and make recommendations regarding an ongoing five-year strategic tourism development and marketing plan . .

Since 2000, city staff has contracted with tourism experts to work with the city and its destination marketing partner, Experience Scottsdale, to create recommendations for each of the five-year tourism development strategic marketing plans. Its purpose is to create a comprehensive integrated strategic plan to promote tourism and support the long-term success and sustainability of Scottsdale’s tourism industry.

How was the new draft plan developed?

Through the City’s procurement process and in partnership with Experience Scottsdale, the City hired Resonance Consultancy to create our next five-year (2022-2026) Tourism and Events Strategic Plan.

A Steering Committee was established to work with Resonance to define the goals and objectives of developing the strategic plan; provide feedback on their research and recommendations; and to connect Resonance with our stakeholders, residents and past visitors.

Resonance made an extensive engagement that included the Mayor and City Council, the City Manager’s Office, many city department directors, TDC members, hoteliers, property owners, retailers, restaurants, art galleries and partners and stakeholders. others interested. In addition, two surveys were conducted: one for residents with more than 2,300 responses and the other for past visitors with nearly 1,300 responses. The city also asked Resonance to review 21 reports, studies, plans and research reports. Based on all that Resonance reviewed, evaluated and heard, draft recommendations were formed.

What is the current status and next steps?

Phase 1 – Draft Review (Completed)

Resonance’s initial high-level review of eight experience principles and 40 strategy recommendations was presented to the Steering Committee, Experience Scottsdale Steering Board, TDC at the June 21 meeting, City Council at its work study session on 6 July and in the experience. Scottsdale Quarterly Update Meeting.

Phase 2 – Information and Public Input (August 9 – September 9)

This phase of the process will help finalize the recommendations through a series of coffee house chat sessions to be held in August and September. Facilitators will guide session participants through the strategies and recommendations of each experiential principle and ask:

  • What excites you most within the strategies for each of the experience principles?
  • What concerns, if any, do you have about the strategies for each of the experience principles?
  • What strategy for each of the experience principles do you believe everyone can/should get behind?
  • What should we do first for each of the experience principles versus later in the 5-year plan?
  • Which partners should be involved to assist the City and/or Experience Scottsdale with strategies for each of the experience principles?

Phase 3 – Public Hearings/Possible Adoption (September to October)

The final stage of the process will include a presentation to QTD on the principles, strategies, objectives and action plan of the final draft of the experience for review and to provide feedback to staff regarding the final draft of the Tourism and Events Strategic Plan. Phase 3 will conclude with a recommendation from the KTD and approval review by the City Council.

Sign up to participate in a coffee shop chat

The city, in partnership with Experience Scottsdale, is hosting one-on-one coffeehouse conversations to review recommendations for the next five-year Tourism and Events Strategic Plan. Each session will include a summary of six roundtable discussions to gather input from the audience about the principles, strategies and objectives of the experience.

All sessions will be held at the Community Design Studio at 7506 E. Indian School Rd. Please register for one session only.

Review these documents before attending a session:

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