High Limit Sprint Car Series Kyle Larson Makes Bull Track Debut Paying $22,022 To Win

Tonight, it’s opening night for a new series of sprint cars. The High Limit Sprint Car Series is promoted by Kyle Larson and Brad Sweet. The National Sprint Car drivers are set for the 5/16 mile dirt track of Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville, IN.

Check out the Lincoln Park Speedway results for the High Limit Sprint Car Series below.

The series is set for a full run in 2023. Tonight, it’s the High Limit Open, the only event scheduled for the 2022 season. NASCAR drivers Alex Bowman, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Chase Briscoe have joined Larson in entry list.

Brady Bacon and Zeb Wise lined up the main event. 35 laps of dirt track racing are underway…

The main event

Green flag, Bacon clears it in the first turn. Zise bounces the backhand through the middle and he pulls back to the other side as well. But Wise has to lift as he goes off the track, Bacon leads into turn three.

Lap 5, most of the field is stuck in the inside lane.

On lap 6, Larson looks to the outside of Sanders in the first turn. He takes the 3rd away.

10th John Bacon has caught the tail of the field.

Lap 11, Wise goes to the lead while working lap traffic. This takes the lane away from Larson as Larson is all over his bumper for second.

Lap 15, Wise moves to the bottom in turn one. The door is open, Larson knocks on the pad and goes right over to get the second one.

17th John Tyler Courtney has moved up to 10th. He joined the tail of this field after transferring through the LCQ.

Round 18

18th John, Larson and Sanders run three wide with lap traffic for second. Zach Hampton and Chad Kemenah tangle behind them, watch out.

Green, Bacon is clear on the first turn as he rolls the bottom. Sanders is pounding on the pillow and bouncing across the trail behind him.

Lap 19, Larson has a flat right rear, watch out.

Green, Bacon misses the finish in the first turn. Sanders also withdraws from abroad. Justin Sanders on top!

Lap 20, Brent Marks slows down, watch out.

Green, Sanders is clear in the first turn. Eliason works under Bacon to take second away.

10 to go, Eliason crosses the inside lane and he’s closing in on Sanders in the battle for the lead. Buddy Kofoid is closing in on both.

8 to go, Kofoid works Eliason outside for 2.

7 to go, Kofoid has a run on Sanders in the first turn. He takes it deep on end, slips it and Kofoid takes the lead.

4 to go, Kofoid works heavy traffic on the lap.

Buddy Kofoid wins at Lincoln Park Speedway!

Lincoln Park Speedway
Race results
August 16, 2022
The high-limit Sprint car series

The following includes the full sprint car results:


Hot Laps (combined): 1. Marcus Dumesny (11.616); 2. Buddy Kofoid (11.662); 3. Chris Windom (11.705); 4. Kyle Larson (11.771); 5. Mitchell Moles (11.830); 6. Tyler Courtney; 7. Justin Peck; 8. Brent Marks; 9. Chase Stockon; 10. Travis Philo;

11. Justin Grant; 12. Chase Briscoe; 13. Skylar Gee; 14. Tanner Carrick; 15. Kevin Thomas Jr.; 16. Emerson Axom; 17. Slater Helt; 18. Hunter Schuerenberg; 19. Justin Sanders; 20. Zach Hampton;

21. Ricky Stenhouse Jr; 22. Trey McGranahan; 23. McKenna Haase; 24. Cale Thomas; 25. Jason McDougal; 26. CJ Leary; 27. Zeb Wise; 28. Brady Bacon; 29. Kori Eliason; 30. Chad Kemenah;

31. Brian Hayden; 32. Alex Bowman; 33. Sam Scott; 34. Riley Goodno; 35. Tim Crawley;


Qualification (combined): 1. Alex Bowman (11,599); 2. Brady Bacon (11.646); 3. Zeb Wise (11.654); 4. Riley Goodno (11.682); 5. Cory Eliason (11.729); 6. Justin Sanders (11.745); 7. Kyle Larson (11.745); 8. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (11,746); 9. Buddy Kofoid (11,832); 10. Kevin Thomas Jr. (11.858);

11. Skylar Gee; 12. Travis Philo; 13. CJ Leary; 14. Brent Marks; 15. Chad Kemenah; 16. Marcus Dumesny; 17. Chris Windom; 18. Tim Crawley; 19. Jason McDougal; 20. Justin Grant;

21. Chase Briscoe; 22. Cale Thomas; 23. Hunter SWchuerenberg; 24. Tanner Carrick; 25. Justin Peck; 26. Mitchell Moles; 27. Tyler Courtney; 28. Zach Hampton; 29. Brian Hayden; 30. McKenna Haase;

31. Trey McGranahan; 32. Emerson Axom; 33. Chase Stockon; 34. Slater Fully; 35. Sam Scott;

Heat races

Heat 1 (10 laps – 5 preliminary): 1. Alex Bowman; 2. Kori Eliason; 3. Buddy Kofoid; 4. Chris Windom; 5. Justin Peck; 6. CJ Leary; 7. Chase Stockon; 8. Brian Hayden; 9. Chase Briscoe;

Heat 2 (10 laps – 5 preliminary): 1. Justin Sanders; 2. Brady Bacon; 3. Kevin Thomas Jr.; 4. Brent Marks; 5. Mitchell Moles; 6. Cale Thomas; 7. Tim Crawley; 8. McKenna Haase; 9. Slater Helt;

Heat 3 (10 laps – 5 preliminary): 1. Kyle Larson; 2. Zeb Wise; 3. Chad Kemenah; 4. Jason McDougal; 5. Hunter Schuerenberg; 6. Tyler Courtney; 7. Skylar Gee; 8. Sam Scott; 9. Trey McGranahan;

Heat 4 (10 laps – top 5 go): 1. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.; 2. Zach Hampton; 3. Riley Goodno; 4. Travis Philo; 5. Justin Grant; 6. Tanner Carrick; 7. Emerson Axom; 8. Marcus Deumesny;


B-Main (best 4 ahead): 1. Tyler Courtney; 2. CJ Leary; 3. Chase Stockon; 4. Cale Thomas; 5. Skylar Gee; 6. Tanner Carrick; 7. Amerson Axom; 8. Chase Briscoe; 9. Brian Hayden; 10. McKenna Haase; 11. Tim Crawley; 12. Slater Helt; 13. Trey McGranahan; 14. Sam Scott; 15. Marcus Dumesny;


2 high from any advanced heat on dash. This sets the first four lines of the feature:

Dash (6 laps): 1. Brady Bacon; 2. Zeb Wise; 3. Justin Sanders; 4. Alex Bowman; 5. Kyle Larson; 6. Ricky Stenhouse Jr.; 7. Kori Eliason; 8. Zach Hampton;

The main event

$22,022 to win

1. Buddy Kofoid

2. Justin Sanders

3. Kori Eliason

4. Ricky Stenhouse Jr

5. Zeb Wise

6. Alex Bowman

7. Brady Bacon

8. Hunter Schuerenberg

9. Tyler Courtney

10. Kyle Larson

11. Justin Peck

12. Travis Philo

13. Kevin Thomas Jr

14. Zach Hampton

15. Chad Kemenah

16. Chris Windom

17. Cale Thomas

18. Brent Marks

19. Jason McDougal

20. Riley Goodno

21. Mitchell Moles

22. Justin Grant

23. Chase Stockon

24. CJ Leary


High Limit Sprint Car Series | Lincoln Park Speedway

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