According to Sky Sports the experts.

Joshua threw Usyk’s world title belts out of the ring after his loss and then launched into an extraordinary speech following his split decision loss to Usyk in Jeddah.

But Frazer Clarke, a close friend of Joshua’s, thought the British heavyweight star needed to be given time to keep his composure.

“As a gym friend and a friend in general, to anyone who was offended by what happened, I think I can apologize on their behalf for the outburst,” Clarke said. Sky Sports.

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The Sky Sports Boxing panel reflects on Anthony Joshua’s post-fight outburst following his loss to Oleksandr Usyk.

“He might be mad at me for saying that and the whole team might be mad at me for saying that, but I feel like he was left out to dry by the team. I feel like somebody should have save

“It’s words, but in true reflection of boxing, it was Oleksandr Usyk’s time to celebrate that win and he couldn’t do it right away. I just don’t think it was fair, but once again, Anthony is a person great. , he does a lot for a lot of people, he’s done a lot for me, but I think he was a little bad there and it was out of character. There were no excuses, it was Oleksandr Usyk’s time.

“To the people around him, where were you? Someone had to jump in. Someone had to stop him and save him from himself. It was just words, but it was the wrong time.”

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Anthony Joshua lost his temper after losing his rematch with Oleksandr Usyk and reacted angrily by throwing away two belts and arguing with his team.

Froch: “He stole Usyk’s moment”

Carl Froch thought Joshua deserved the plaudits after a hard-fought 12-round fight but then had Usyk take the spotlight.

“He took the microphone, stole the moment from Usyk, but let’s not get too mad. He didn’t say anything that would have offended anyone too much,” Froch said.

“He was just trying to talk off the cuff. He wore his heart on his sleeve, but he stole Usyk’s moment and it was a little weird.

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Highlights: Oleksandr Usyk used his class skills to win a split decision after a thrilling rematch with Anthony Joshua. Watch the full replay of Usyk vs Joshua 2 on Tuesday at 10pm on Sky Sports, YouTube, and the Sky Sports App

“I didn’t like the way the belts were thrown. It was a great boxing match, I thought it was a great performance. But it shows his passion – how much it meant to him and how much he loved it.”

Macklin: ‘Emotions are high’

Matthew Macklinwho was on the ring in Jeddah, said Sky Sports: “It was strange, but emotions are high.

“We don’t know what he’s had to endure, mentally, emotionally — all the doubters, all the haters, all the knocks on him. We’re not dealing with that, he is.

“He’s disappointed to lose, he’s pushed himself physically to the limit. The timing wasn’t good, but it wasn’t good.”

Johnny Nelson also sensed that Josiu tried to contain his bitter disappointment, telling Sky Sports: “I think this was Anthony Joshua’s best performance because he showed heart, passion, determination. He was just beaten by the best man.

“Emotions got the better of him. Yeah, he’s going to kick himself, but you know what, the mask was off. AJ was speaking from the heart, he was saying what he wanted to say, not to be commercial correct.”

But Clarke insists Joshua deserves sympathy and understanding after failing in his bid to become a three-time world champion.

“Passions were high and I’ve seen what he’s put into it,” Clarke said. “I’m sitting here and I feel the loss with all of them, but no one feels it as much as Anthony right now. When you put so much into it, your life into it.

“Remember, Anthony Joshua is not a normal boxer. Everything he touches, everything he does is under camera and he can fight there. A little hot. Let’s not judge him for that. The Anthony Joshua that I know, a good man, respectable, does a lot for charity, does a lot for other people.

“I don’t think he will regret what he said, maybe just the way it happened and the time he said it.

“I know he’s a big guy and nobody’s going to want to fight him for the mic, but if I was there, I would have taken a dig and taken that mic off him because, I know he would have was appropriate. something to do and gave him a minute to compose himself.”

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