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REGINA, Saskatchewan – The Newswire – August 24, 2022 Above Food Corp. (Above Food) is pleased to announce the expansion of its regenerative agriculture platform developed to commercialize and validate emerging technologies in seeds, soil, food security and advanced genetics through the acquisition of Discovery Seed Labs Ltd. (Discovery Seed). Discovery EARTH Sciences Inc. (Discovery) has now increased testing, certification and auditing capability for all regenerative agriculture practices used in the food value chain.

Upon Food’s acquisition of Discovery Seed, it facilitates improved technology and human resources capabilities in the use of proprietary genomics, soil and seed, used to deliver healthy, nutritionally complete foods, supporting a more EARTH healthy and sustainable.

Discovery combines the pedigree, human resources and technology of Discovery Seed Labs Ltd., founded in 1994, with the regenerative production protocols developed by the founders of Above Food, to create, validate and facilitate North America’s most advanced regenerative agricultural production platform.

Discovery will provide growers and ingredient companies with unparalleled testing, validation and evaluation services for Above’s three regenerative supply chain platforms: Organic Regenerative, Gluten Free and Natural Regenerative. All of this in turn gives Above Food even more care over the quality, nutritional value and functionality of the ingredients they grow, sell and use in their plant-based products.

“Expanding and accelerating Discovery’s regenerative agriculture platform provides Above Food a OPPORTUNITIES to offer IPElite on FoodTM Cultivating Producers of means AND technologies to apply regenerative agricultural practices through proprietary soil and seed testing technologies and focused genomics. it leaves OUR customers and vendors with or trusted AND certified stamp e comfort in knowing that their products are produced through a regenerative and environmentally sustainable process process, each step e of way, from SEED to DINNER plate,” said Lionel Kambeitz, Executive Chairman, CEO & Co-founder, above Food Corp. “This addition provides a platform that brings together all the disciplines needed to create a stronger, more secure and vertically integrated supply chain.”

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Above Food is a plant-based food company that knows nothing is above nature. This is why we turn to nature first to guide and inspire our own SEEDfork ride. We go above and beyond the plant-based food industry norm in every aspect of our business. It is this spirit that drives us to follow only with real innovation, real food, real transparency, real traceability and real efficiency.

Founded in Canada by food production ecosystem veterans and visionary co-founders Lionel Kambeitz, Donato Sferra, Tyler West and Martin Williams, Above Food’s vision is to create a healthier world – one seed, one field and one bite in one time.

With a complete plant protein supply chain, powered by scalable operations and infrastructure in primary farming, processing and specialty ingredients, Above Food provides businesses and consumers with food with unparalleled traceability, measurable consistency and superior matter density nutritious. Over the portfolio of Food brands include Culcherd, Eat!, Farmer Direct Organic, Loma Linda, Good, New Ocean, NorQuin, Modern menu AND REMEMBER. They are available online at shop.abovefood.com and in grocery stores across North America.

For more information about Above Food, please visit www.abovefood.com or follow Above Food on Instagram (@above_food), Facebook (On food) and LinkedIn (On food).


A wholly owned subsidiary of Above Food headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Discovery EARTH Sciences owns proprietary technologies that assist in regenerative agriculture, genetics, advanced soil and seed genomics, CO2 capture and related auditing and certification. To learn more about Discovery EARTH Sciences, please visit http://www.discoveryearth.ca.

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