In 2019, Ugly Betty the actor told InStyle, “My first job was a Disney Channel movie called Gotta start it!, and I couldn’t believe how much money I was getting paid to do what I had always wanted to do. I couldn’t believe I was being paid at all – I would have paid to dance and be in a movie!”

She shared that she bought a car with her first big paycheck. “It was a 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage. It was used and I think it cost me $12,000. The hardest thing about growing up in LA was getting a ride anywhere. I had to ride, like, three buses to get to one audition. This was before Uber, not that I would have been able to afford Uber if it had been around. I had to ride the bus, I had to walk, I had to ride my bike, I had to “I prayed to my brothers and sisters. A ride. Getting your car in LA is a huge right of passage.”

asset Jimmy Kimmel Live!the actor revealed that he bought gushers with his first big paychecks.

In 2016, scandal the actor told The Hollywood Reporter, “That’s my Bronx girl. Save the Last Dance it was my second film and we had a per diem. I couldn’t believe someone was giving me money. Coming from where I come from, I literally hid it under my mattress for the entire movie. I put myself on a tight budget of what I could spend. And in the end, I used all the money of three months and bought my first laptop”.

During an interview for Teen Vogue 2020, Riverdale star said: “I’m actually wearing it at the moment! My first big fling was this rose gold Cartier ring. Now I buy one at the start of every season to have something I can remember. I called them to my mom—I was super nervous to buy it. I was like, “This is a great investment. Should I take it?”

“I don’t buy a lot of things,” she continued. “I don’t brag too often, but it’s nice to have those little things that remind me of where I came from and where I am now.”

In 2016, the singer told The Hollywood Reporter, “I was driving a Honda hatchback that Keenen Ivory Wayans had given me when I was Fly Girl and I drove it to every audition. And when I got a series regular, I bought a car . I bought a Mercedes. And it was a big deal. It wasn’t a hatchback! It wasn’t a Honda.”

“I do remember, though, signing the lease for the car and breaking up with my boyfriend in the same week. That’s what I remember. We were at the dealership and I was crying, but I was buying the car. and he was coming back. . It became a thing, like, “I’m going to be alone”. He had been living with me. We were in a relationship for 10 years. And I said, “That’s it. The hatchback is out, and so are you!””

During a 2018 interview with Time, the actor said, “I bought my mom and dad a washing machine. Later, I bought some boots for myself that were, like, the most beautiful boots I’d ever seen in my life.”

In the same Time video, Tiffany revealed that her first paycheck was about $120. “The first thing I did was go to the bank and open a checking account. And I bought a big box of Snickers and lollipops and Jolly Rancher sticks and Blow Pops. Oh, and cornflakes. I’m surprised I don’t have diabetes now because I love Snickers.”

During a 2012 interview with Architectural Digest, the actor said, “When I got my first paycheck from my now-famous job, I spent it on a Craftsman chair and a Frank Lloyd Wright-wannabe lamp. With my second paycheck, I bought a stereo.”

In 2019, the model told People, “Probably my first big purchase was a pair of Chanel platform sneakers. But the most I ever spent was on a personal trainer, I was so clueless about the gym and I really wanted to learn how to use all of those scary machines without hurting myself”.

asset The Graham Norton Showthe actor revealed that he used his first big paycheck to pay for his sister’s college tuition.


LaKeith Stanfield and Issa Rae

During an interview with BuzzFeed, the stars of picture were surprised to find that they both bought a Tesla after landing their first major role.

of Robot god the actor told GQ, “I ended up spending that paycheck on my personal espresso machine. I think I figured it out.”

“I bought a lot of stuff at the Gap because I was 19,” the actor told The Hollywood Reporter in 2016. “I was still living at home and studying Amy Ryan on Broadway in The Rosensweig Sisters, and my control was considerable. I had never had a job before, never, anywhere. I was a waitress for two seconds, but I couldn’t spell ‘parmesan’ and I left immediately.”

“So I got a big, big weekly paycheck from not studying, and I went to the Gap, like every day. And I gave Gap gifts to all my friends. That and there were some hot Dr. Peppers down on the Street 11th. and Third Avenue. That was my great boast. I should have gotten a car!”

“I took my family bowling,” the singer told Insider in 2020. “Like everyone. It was a lot of us, not just my immediate family.”

During a 2014 interview with People, the Modern family the actor said: “I think I bought some serious shoes. I bought a lot of shoes. I love shoes.”

During a 2016 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The good woman the actor said: “I got my first movie and they flew me to LA. I remember thinking, ‘If they’d told me it was a first-class ticket, I’d have traded it in and got cash.’ , because I So I got to LA and the hotel had a bunch of money, per diem, for the two weeks I was going to be there.”

“And I had hair down here [points to waist], and my heart started pounding, and I ran to the drugstore and got Flex conditioner. I’m dating myself now, but the Flex shampoo and conditioner were one [big deal] in that time. I was 22 years old and I remember sitting there in the hotel room with conditioner in my hair for hours.”

In 2016, the actor told The Hollywood Reporter, “I started acting so young, all my money went into a college fund. And then I probably bought my mom a house.”

In 2014, the rapper told ESPN that he realized he could make money in the entertainment business when he received a $6,500 check at just 14 years old. First he offered it to his mother, then he spent it on a Nissan Pathfinder.

“I got my dad a big flat screen TV for Christmas Titans the actor told InStyle. “He had no idea it was coming and then he called me and said, ‘Do you know anything about this?'” And I was like, “Surprise!”

In 2016, the former Disney star told People: “When I was eight or nine years old, I did a commercial. My parents gave me $200 of it, and I took that $200 to Petco and bought a Betta fish.”

The Marvel actor told GQ: “The first real purchase I can remember was a blue electric guitar.”


And finally, Kelly Rowland

“When I got one of my first paychecks, I went to the grocery store and bought pretty much everything that my mom told me was too expensive,” the singer told InStyle in 2018. “I bought all that shit, I had a party. at my house and everyone ate everything. I’ll never forget it because it was fun and it was something I could finance myself.”

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